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Why do you need a weekend?

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The weekend is meant to be a time to wind down and recharge your batteries for a more productive week ahead. It is a period to refresh the mind, rest the body and replenish the soul. It is a time to slow down and reflect on both the past and future, with a view to making the future better.

The future starts on a Monday; hence part of the weekend should be dedicated to prioritizing the activities of the new week that will grow you in all spheres of life. This makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

The way you spend your weekend can predict the level of success in your life. Let us consider four scenarios.

There is the lazy bum, who hits the coach on Friday evening after work, remote in hand, alcohol on the table and pop corn in the other hand watching movies. They will leave the coach to receive the pizza man or when heading to bed to sleep.

Sometimes they just sleep on the sofa and wake up to continue watching. On Monday morning, he/she is not rested and neither have they put in any thought of what they will do during the week. They are completely dependent on their co-workers to remind them of tasks and help them accomplish them.

Then there is the common drunkard, he can’t wait for Friday and will be in the club by 5.59pm sharp on Friday, Guinness in hand. All the bartenders know him by name and welcome him like a king to the bar. He does not disappoint, he leave very early in the morning, or once his money is finished and there is no one else to buy the next round. He passes the local wines and spirit to top his gauge in the morning and will be sleeping or blacked out for most part of Saturday.

He will hit the pub at night again. He hits the club after swallowing the toughest local drink. He will only take a few drinks to save money and see him through to Sunday morning, where he repeats the same routine and by Monday, he is neither rested nor has he any idea where his office keys are or what his role at the company is. He is reeking of alcohol and his eyes are as red as scarlet.

The party creep steals the show. These are men and women who mix everything. They enjoy anything that is party and lively. The women can be spotted carrying travel bags ( I mean, what do you call that female handbag that can fit a 47 inch TV, Osophie?), where all the stuff they need for the weekend is stored. In there you will find iron boxes, morning after pills, anti alcoblow drugs and office suits.

They leave the office on Friday, head home to change and leave the keys to their apartments with the askaris because they know they may not be back soon and their rooms need to be cleaned. In the club, they are hawk eyed, looking for male party creeps who can be spotted wearing expensive jackets and the song “Kula kwa macho” befits the long stare they accord female assets.

A glass of wine here, a stare there, a beer sip, and a hook up happens. In the next twenty minutes flat, a full wedding ceremony has been conducted and off they spin to their honeymoon, anywhere can do. They will divorce on Monday morning and head to the office, confused as sisal threads.

Then there are the masters of productivity. These are the guys who move and shake their work places. They are the guys whose contribution fuels the companies most. They are energetic and sensible. They know that their energy levels and ideas is needed to move our country ahead.  They hit the party places on Friday, rock like the party creeps and instead of eloping the whole weekend, they divorce on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, giving them space to reflect on the past week as well as plan for the new week ahead.

They have time to listen to the preachers, hence nourishing their souls and replenishing their creativity. These are the true masters of what the weekend really is for. On Monday morning, when they hit the workplaces, they are the bosses, directing the sisal threads.

The weekend is meant to help increase productivity. Using the weekend to read and fill in your knowledge gaps, checkout investments ideas in your environment, heal your soul and body by hitting religious and entertainment joints, and socially connect with your family and friends is the most productive use of these two days. This will help balance you as an individual and create you wealth.

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  1. Nomz says:

    What did you say again about the ?? Can’t stop laughing. True weekend should be a time to refresh and reflect

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