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Why you don’t act to better yourself financially.

why people don’t act to better themselves

In a corner in Eastern Europe, there lived two rich families. They were so rich that each year, they hired a USD30,000 Yacht and went on a world tour for two months celebrating Christmas and new years in the remotest parts of the Pacific. However, the ladies in the marriages were not happy. They despised their husbands because these men were egoistic and unfaithful. They had mistresses in all major cities and in the eight months when they were not on the yacht, they were busy with these other women.

The madams, therefore, hatched a plot to kill these two men. They went around to find the best poison. After asking around in several nearby towns, in one old rusty shop, they found an old man who illegally stocked two types, one that kills slowly and the another that kills immediately.

One lady, really frustrated by her husband, chose the slow killing poison. She wanted to witness his slow death. She wanted to see him suffer slowly as he headed to his grave and she wanted to experience the happiness in revenge of all the unfaithfulness he had shown towards her.

The other loved the husband very much but could not stand the cheating, she, therefore, chose the fast-acting poison, she wanted to be over and done with him as soon as possible.

For effectiveness, they decided to administer the poisons when on the Yacht, to enable them to monitor the actions and reactions of the men. The slow poison was administered the very day they stepped on the Yacht, and to avoid a corpse on the Yacht, they agreed that the fast-acting poison will be administered on the last day on the Yacht.

There was no change in the man who took the slow acting poison. He behaved as usual and raised no suspicion. The wife was hoping to experience some joy seeing him suffer but he was just as normal and this made the woman doubtful. She even thought that the poison was not working.

On the last day on the Yacht, the other man’s breakfast was laced. Immediately he took it, all hell broke loose. He started vomiting and convulsing. He fell to the floor with his big eyes now even more so, popping out from his head. Everyone panicked including the madams. The attendants lifted him to the Yachts medical room where they administered first aid. He was in bad shape.

The private doctor decided to have him admitted into a hospital. He instructed the attendants to carry him to the helipad and he was flown out to the nearest hospital in Europe. He was admitted in the ICU and the doctors worked round the clock to treat him. They called in all manner of specialists and after twenty days, he was moved from the ICU to the general ward and in another ten days, he was discharged.

His wife was extremely disappointed because the fast-acting poison had been countered.

When the man reached his house, weak and feeble and on a wheelchair, he requested to be taken to visit his friend across the fence. When he got there, he found his friend very sick. His friend told him that he had been to several best hospitals including the one he was at over the last month but all were unable to identify his sickness.

That night, he passed on peacefully.

Your brain is wired to act on emergencies. Change of feeling or chemical imbalance in your body will trigger an immediate reaction and your brain will work overdrive and rescue you from that immediate danger.

It is the same with money, if you have an emergency, you will find a way to solve that emergency immediately, because your brain will kick into action and if it is, for example, hospital admission fee that can be very expensive, you will know whom to call and whom to help to raise the money.

90 percent of the population ends up broke and dependent on their 60th birthday. You may have seen the signs, you may have been in classes that talked about financial planning, but since you were on a salary it never occurred to you that retirement will knock sooner. So, you dilly-dally and put off the planning and acting to better your financial situation. You eventually end up dependent like your father and grandfathers and the cycle of generational poverty is perpetuated.

To solve your future financial situation, you must prioritize it deliberately today. Like the slow poison, when you are in a comfortable financial situation today you do not feel the pressure to seek solutions for the future.

You must ensure that for every shilling that you earn, you set aside a portion of it for the future through deliberate financial planning because as a human, you do not have an inbuilt mechanism to deal with future issues like we do for emergencies of the now.

Therefore, start today and prioritize your future deliberately because you do not have an internal mechanism to deal with futuristic things.


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