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It is the 1st day of November 2018. I wake up without an alarm. It is approaching seven in the morning, this is the day I have been waiting and working for. As I step into the bathroom, my body is filled with apprehension, I am a bit nervous.

I had prepared my clothes the previous day and dressing was quick and swift. I packed my computer and made sure I had my phone. I headed towards my car and my short quick prayer went like, “Oh Lord of all creations, kindly instruct Master io, not to cough on me today. I need to be in town by 9.30am.” and for sure, Master io behaved beautiful, giving me a one kick start.

Now look, Master io is a moody old Pajero io. Sometimes he behaves like a grown up and some other times, out of the blues, he kicks his moods into gear like a menstruating bitch and refuses to take instruction from the ignition keys. Anyway, today he is in top-notch performance so let me spare his story for another day.

The drive along Kiambu road and onto Thika road is smooth and, in a few minutes, I am in town. It is exactly 9.00am, I am actually two hours earlier than planned.

I am in town to launch the inaugural Financial Matters products. My chosen launch crowd are my ex-colleagues because I believe they are the most genuine crowd that I can get for my pitch. These are the guys who will tell me on my face that my products are bullshit and feel nothing about it. In my estimation, the confirmed list has 30 guys, but I believe half will turn up and if my products are good,  20% will sign up.

After packing and paying Nairobi county via their e-wallet (I am surprised it is actually working; Sonko is doing some work for sure); I trace my way to CJ’s restaurant. I scale the tiny green cyclic stairs to the first floor and trace the meeting room which had booked by Irene, a colleague.

A group of about 15 people is just finishing their meeting at the long table that I know is the place where we will also meet. I can see the speaker is standing and talking to a team, and that gives me ideas of how I will present to my group too.

I take a seat in a corner opposite and far from the group. On a table next to mine is a beautiful Muslim woman, covering her head, but not her beautiful round face. All Muslim ladies I have seen not covering their faces have round faces, or is it my eyes? Actually, I see the ones covering their face and just leaving two Halloween like holes for the eyes more often. Those who cover the whole face are married.

Behind me is a Somali man walking towards her and they hug and he takes his seat. Their conversation is interesting, obviously, the man is working hard to woo the lady. He talks about big plans to go to Oman and sell dates and import some to Kenya. He also narratives some story, which wows the woman, she exclaims, “you should write a book on that”, and there and then, I am reminded that I have to use some stories in my pitch. I am told stories sell. I block them out mentally and play my presentation in my head, again, for the fifth time.

I get online to reach out to colleagues and I can see activity on our WhatsApp wall, some on the way, others about to leave the house and others giving apologies either they will be late or they have gotten busy elsewhere. Call it normal meeting stuff.

I take out my computer and start looking at my products again. Our IT guy was sorting something on my Facebook sharing and I notice he has not done it. I Whatsapp him.

A waiter passes by and I request to be shown the table booked by Irene and also order a pot of African spiced tea. She goes to inquire and comes back quickly and points me to the long couch attached to a wall behind two long dining tables where the previous group was meeting, now they have left.

There is a young lady sitting on the couch. She is fair colored and has such a long beautiful neck, I keep looking and I don’t have enough of it. Where do some people get such long necks and others like my friend Edu has no neck at all? His head pops out of his body like a pool table ball ejected from the pocket hole.

My tea arrives and in the same instance, the first colleague arrives. We have a lot of catch up about life, it is over a year since we last saw each other at our former employer.

Another one, a lady too, arrives next and after that, a steady stream of colleagues come through.

It is a quarter to midday and me, self-nominated chair, calls the meeting to order and request Flo to pray to have the meeting start.

After the prayer, I ask if there is someone with anything to share with the group and since there isn’t, I request the team to turn to their phones and I start talking about Financial Matters Clan aka FM Clan, the product I have come to launch.


Financial Matters products

Financial Matters products

FM Clan is an online community where individuals and entrepreneurs hung out together and discuss financial issues in a candid and understanding environment. It is that place where you are allowed to be ambitious and greedy about money. It is a place where budding entrepreneurs are spotted and nurtured to grow their ideas from zero to hero.

Poverty persists in Africa because of three reasons, lack of financial knowledge, lack of capital and financial disorganization. Financial Matters Clan is a wholesome financial solution to deal with these three problems.

In FM clan, you will find the FM Academy, a premier online academy that helps you understand your money, how to earn it, keep it, organize it and grow it. It also provides select business training for individuals who would like to venture out into the Entrepreneurship world.

You also find the FM Sacco that mobilizes capital and assists budding entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. The process to assist entrepreneurs to include helping them come up with convincing business plans, funding those plans and following up to ensure that the clan walks with the entrepreneur till he succeeds.

Bwana Pesa is a pocket qualified accountant that kicks your financial disorganization in the butt. He will help you budget for your money, keep records of your expenses and incomes, help you prepare financial statements and create tax returns for you, all this while, keeping records for you should the authorities come several years to plague you.

Many new graduates are released into the market each year and the rate of release far outweighs job creation by our economy. Such graduates are forced to tarmac for years on end, some looking for jobs ten years without success. The Affiliate group helps them create partnerships with the clan and start earning commissions for their efforts.

As I blubber away, my eyes are glued to my audience. They seem interested every bit. Once in a while someone raises his voice and asks for some clarification and or makes an interjection. During question and answer session, most are really interested and when I ask how many want to join the clan, hands shoot in the air.

A sense of accomplishment engulfs me. The years of planning, of snubbing my friends and family, of locking myself in the house automating the back-end in order to create an employee less organization seem to be bearing fruit. The soft launch is a huge success. I had anticipated an acceptance rate of just 20 percent but an overwhelming 85% sign up, not forgetting the turnout of 95%.

This team became the pioneers of the Clan, producing interim officials for the Sacco. These are the true founders of the Financial Matters huge Vision that will culminate into the creation of Ventures Bank and pull 100,000 people out of the depths of poverty.

You can join or learn about this Clan by clicking on the picture below.

Financial Matters clan

Financial Matters clan

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