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Financial Matters blog under siege by a CFEI

Henry Ozianyi, CFEI

Thank you for keeping it Financial Matters blog. There is a huge lot of good stuff coming to your beloved blog in the next two weeks that will help you master your money.

Money is directly related to the kind of lifestyle that you lead and mistakes are costly and unforgiving. A single financial mistake can set you up for an entire life of suffering. That is why everyone comes to the money table pre-conditioned and emotional on what is good or bad in relation to all principles around money. I understand all this and I value you as my reader, that is why I take the information that I share with you very seriously.

This money complexity compelled me to increase my understanding of how best to share the information I have gathered over the many years working in the Banking and Finance sector as well as practicing, teaching and writing about Personal Finance.

I am elated to let you know that I am now a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI). I am now officially CPA, Henry Ozianyi, CFEI. Your favorite blog is now under the tutelage of a certified fellow!

So, what is the big deal here?

Very big indeed. It means that I am completely legit for you now! That I have acquired all the tools necessary to conduct Financial Education training, anywhere in anyway be it face to face, in blogs, or online. It also means that I am bound by a strict international professional code of conduct that ensures that I deliver the highest quality of unbiased personal finance information to you.

This certification now gives me a better platform to completely touch people’s lives and transform their money habits for the better in order for them to live fulfilling lives. Through the practical exercises in the certification, I reaffirmed my understanding that for the overwhelming majority of us, money issues are very stressful. I was able to also understand my own preconditioning and the impact of my own personal finance mistakes (I made plenty, by the way, some still plaguing me even now and I will be sharing them in my classes).

Most readers have been asking for practical tools and tips that can help them improve their finances. Good news! After a lot of research and testing, we have come up with four solutions to your money issues, these solutions will be rolled out in the next two weeks.

To be the first to know about them, follow this link and read about them, ensure to sign up for the clan to receive details of how they will improve your money situation in your email.

We all have our pasts with money. The most important thing is to realize that money does not just sit in the past, it affects us today and continues to challenge us till the day we depart this planet, hence we must continue to seek the knowledge that will help us live better lives in the future, even if our past feels like a load of shit. Financial Matters will walk with you on this journey, from start to finish.

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4 thoughts on “Financial Matters blog under siege by a CFEI

  1. Wilson says:

    Good stuff . Hoping for more eye opening articles. There’s no end to greatness

    1. Thank you for visiting , yes, more great stuff is on the way

  2. Christine Muindu says:

    Congratulations Henry! Proud of you. Keeping it locked!

  3. Chrispus says:

    Great stuff.keep up the good work

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