Give Bitcoin as Christmas gift this year!

bitcoin christmas gift

At my former employer, we used to have secret Santa gift exchanges. It was fun because you had to figure out some unique aspects of the recipient and gift him/her effectively. There was this one year when my Santa was from Kajiado and I really wanted to gift him a live goat, but I had no way of bringing the goat to the office because it would scare all the born towns to hell and its stench and pooh would irritate everyone. I wish I had the gift discussed below.
This is a continuation of last week’s blog where we discussed financial gifts that you can give to your family, friends, and colleagues over this festive season. If you missed it, you can read it here.
Bitcoin is another financial asset that you can gift someone plus the other sister or brother cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash etc. Yes, the crazy erratic asset that has thrown the whole digital currency world into a wild spin of uncertainty causing stomach upsets to crypto enthusiasts. Digital currency has incomprehensible mood swings and now it is on a downward spiral most likely occasioned by whales who are garnering to buy in bulk at the lowest prices. The issue of prices is a story for another day.
However, if you closely follow the news, you will realize that many countries are warming to it and allowing its adoption; the latest being Bahrain whose Central Bank has prepared draft rules designed to regulate digital assets and certain aspects of the country’s crypto industry. You will also hear that Russia has classified it as “Other Property” while Japan has christened it as a “crypto asset” to facilitate its transfer and holding by citizens.
Now, one of the best ways to spread BTC and digital currency adoption this holiday season is by giving people the currency to use and test on their own. You can give any reasonable amount of bitcoin and its variants to family members, friends and colleagues by getting them to download a wallet and giving them some digital love during this festive season.
You can alternatively also give people BTC by printing out paper wallets. If your family or company does a Christmas gift swap for presents this year, you could give the gift of BTC or BCH and be unique during the party.
There are plenty of ways you can spend your coins this holiday season including giving the decentralized cryptocurrency away as an endowment to your genealogy or family. Surprise a charity by giving the unique present of a cryptocurrency. It is a great way to help your fellow humans in need while expressing the potential of digital currency as an honorable charity.
Adoption of Cryptocurrency is still fledgling and these holidays are an excellent opportunity to spread adoption in a unique fashion and demonstrate the cryptocurrency’s utility, the recipients will thank you a million later.

Did this sound like Greek? To learn more about Cryptocurrencies, join financial matters clan and get informed on how to profit from these unique assets.

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  1. Christine says:

    Hi Henry,

    How great to be reacquainted with your blog after being absent for a while. I see the ideas have grown, and I look forward to following the discussions in 2019!

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