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Multiple Streams of Income (MSI)

multiple streams of income

You are no longer in the era of millionaires; the world currently now boasts of 2208 dollar billionaires and growing. Financial success has been redefined to the billion mark. No wonder in Kenya, the corruption scandals that you are now hearing about are in the billions only.

Let’s talk about a measurement called a billion in a bit. It has 10 digits (1,000,000,000), its equivalent to 1,000 millions. It means that if you are earning and saving 1,000 shillings a day, it can take you over 2,740 years to accumulate one billion. Yes, you have a maximum lifespan of 100 years. It is crazy money. Yet we have 2208 billionaires.

Throughout history, we have had billionaires, Mansa Musa in Africa, Emperor Shenzong of Song in present-day China, King Solomon in the middle east etc; but they were just a few handful men.

What has changed, why do we now have many Billionaires?

Globalization that modern transport and the internet has given us. You can be sitting in Australia and making money in Botswana, maybe even delivering a service in Laos, a place you have never heard of; it is possible now.

We now have internet people. They build homes on Instagram, landscape them on Pinterest, marry on Twitter and get babies on Facebook. This is a new market segment because it is peculiar unlike what we have been used to. Great companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb are making it by actually following these people on the internet.

Researchers have been probing into how individuals come to earn billions in this era and it has boiled down to only two factors, they acquire a billionaires Mindset and set up systems to earn Multiple Streams of income (MSI).

To participate in this billionaire’s economy, you need a mindset to rejig and a set up to trap and redirect many streams of income to your account.

I have written an e-book that you can download for free here and get insights on how to do this exactly.

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If you prefer to watch a video instead, below is a link to a video discussing this phenomenon.

Video;  How to create Multiple Streams of Income (MSI)

Multiple streams of income enable you to fill your bank account to the brim faster than when you rely on a single source.  Since creating these revenue streams is hard and lonely and it requires an entrepreneurial mindset, you need the support of fellow minded entrepreneurs to succeed. Financial matters clan is a community that brings together entrepreneurs to help each other achieve their dreams. Sign in today for free and start experiencing the advantages.

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It seems like an impossible task to create a one billion account right, yet if you look at it from a population standpoint, there are 8billion people in the world today, if you create a machine to collect one dollar only from these people, you should be a billionaire in no time. Just a weird thought, what do you think?

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  1. Chrisantus Waswa says:

    Good encouragement, our people should be empowered

    1. well said, very true.

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