Why you should keep your business clean and hygienic

You walk into a restaurant and notice the seats are dusty and the table littered with small particles of left-over food? A dirty waiter who seems to double up as the chef (he is carrying a cooking spoon) walks up to you and says “what will you eat”? You look at him and gesture to the dirty table top and he asks “should I wipe it for you”? You agree and he comes back with a dirty piece of wet cloth and wipes the table, leaving a layer of wet dirt on the table, then says “all food is ready”.

You ask for tea and an omelet and after a few minutes they both arrive, you can see ash and charcoal on the side of the plate. There is something in the tea and when you ask, he brings a teaspoon and removes it for you.

You are on the wrong side of time and space and you are very hungry, so you close your eyes and eat the whole thing up, consequences later. You however make a mental note never to pass by this place or recommend it to a friend. You will even actively discourage other people from going there.

Not only do we find dirt in restaurants, but in every other industry that you look at. Uncollected garbage is a sore sight in many cities and poor neighborhoods are often on the short end of the stick when it comes to cleaning services from city authorities.

I have seen entrepreneurs who cannot sit at their business premises because it is not clean, and yet they expect their employees and customers to endure the filth. These kind of business people don’t go far.

Not only do we find physical dirt repelling, all aspects of your business should be cleaned. What is the state of your filing, are your business records arranged and archived in an easy to retrieve format? Without a good neat consistent filing and archiving process in an organization, you run the risk of missing records which can lead to reputational as well as tax implications. Digitizing some aspects of your record keeping is always a good practice which ensures less paper in the office to be arranged.

Clean offices look professional and even the person behind the desk needs to be well groomed; which is simply washing up and applying a little anti sweat to ensure colleagues are not offended by the smell of your sweat. I have always found the exclamation, “sweetie, your sweat smells good” between sweetheart’s kind of hypocritical; maybe to stroke the guy’s ego in order to loosen his purse strings.

What you dress in should be dictated by the kind of clientele you are serving. In any case, cloths are un-natural, we are born naked and that’s how nature wants us to be. Animals are born with fur to cover their skins. It is therefore un-natural to send a female colleague home because she is clad in a mini skirt and a mini top, exposing 80% of her body. She has tried, nature wanted her to expose 100%.

Customers make impression regarding the cleanliness of your office, the orderliness of your filling and the grooming of your staff. There is something about cleanliness and order that attracts humans, tap into it and see your business grow.

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