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Why you will suffer untold misery at retirement.

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Look around, when people typically retire and go back to the “reserves”, how long do they live after retirement? In fact, on average ten years from my estimates is generous. Maybe five six years is good enough. This reduced life expectancy is to a large extent blamed on difficult financial circumstances. After sixty, the employed, the so called middle class struggle and live a dog’s life reminiscing wasted time and suffering financial malnourishment.

Since getting employed, you have settled in a rut, in a dangerous routine, you leave your house in the morning to work and then in the evening, pass a social joint and hit your rental house to watch TV and sleep. In the last three to four years, your income has not increased by more than fifty percent, yet your expenses have increased tenfold. You do not want to engage your mind in any way to think of how to raise your profile at work to earn a better pay or how to start a side hustle; you are a big lazy joke. You have excess time for social media, drinking, sleep over’s and road trips. Missing that wedding party is a no no for you. You are in fact obese from all the consumption, your demeanor is; I have reached. You call yourself a Barbie.

You have no plan for your retirement; you generally have no plan for your life. You live each day as it comes. You are not conscious of time, you are approaching forty and you still think menopause is a dental disease, and retirement is a drug withdrawal syndrome. You need a plan for your life and most importantly accept that once you get employed, retirement is a must.  Talk to any financial institution, they all have investment plans that can fit your budget and retirement targets.

At retirement, if your savings are meager and you rely on pension provided by your employer, you will not be able to access most of life’s basics needs that you take for granted today. Mineral water will be a luxury and if you will go to live upcountry, you will be forced to drink the bacterial and fertilizer infected spring water, and since you won’t have enough medical cover, you will wither away prematurely.

The life that you are living in the city now will be distant painful silhouette memories. The fast cars and girls on whom you spent more money than your family will be left here to be entertained by other lads like you who pack to come to the city for University Education and once employed, never remember home.

Wake up, you landed an okay job in the right way, hopefully, not by sleeping or kissing asses, think beyond the fancy phones and the scantily dressed bottom wriggling city lasses, drink in moderation and invest for your future.

If you are thirty years of age, you have less than eleven thousand days to retire, saving one thousand shillings daily till you retire will only yield 11m, which is not much. You need to craft a financial plan to ensure that when you retire, you will be able to live at the same level of standard as you are living now. Your looser friends will persuade you that the future will take care of itself, remember, it’s better to be prepared with a handsome stash of funds than face that future empty handed.


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2 thoughts on “Why you will suffer untold misery at retirement.

  1. Nomz Gee says:

    This is deep meeen! Nothing but the truth. Kwanza the silly routine of waking up, going to work, catching up with friends over coffee or a drink then retire to the rented house to watch news and update yourself on social media before you sleep. No self improvement coz there’s that hefty paycheck, somehow…

    1. he he he ati hefty paycheck, salary is never enough somehow. Thanks for your comments.

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